Weekly wellness. Super-simple.

Welcome to your Ritual Care!

I LOVE connecting with you and other members of this incredible care community each week... but right now, I'm away from my writers' desk taking good care of myself and my newest little private client: a newborn baby!

Stay with us until 2015, though, then you'll join everyone here, every Monday for free tips to help you breathe more deeply. Sometimes, we'll even explore a more fulfilling, interesting yoga practice on and off of your mat. 

You'll also receive a copy of "103 Easy Ways to Practice Bliss Everyday" ASAP for ideas and inspiration on how to sustainably sneak a little more joy into your day.

Because taking incredible care of yourself doesn't have to be hard.

In fact, you're already closer than ever.

You = Amazing, 

Kelly Newsome
Ritual Care Co.
Higher Ground Yoga, a Ritual Care Co. project

"I LOVE getting my love notes. The perspectives and information are such a refreshing, brilliant way to start my week!"
~ Kim, Real Estate Agent & Advisor 

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